The Thing About Roots

We have a beautiful, rather large, rhododendron bush in our front yard.

We needed to move it about 2 months ago because the trunk was about one foot away from the foundation of our house.

Thankfully we had a very warm spring and the ground had thawed enough to move it with the help of a kind neighbor.

It was actually a really neat (and dirty) experience.

It’s pretty crazy moving something that large. It’s alive and growing and has a huge root system.

Did you know most root systems are the same size as the plant above the ground? Since we were only able to rip out about half of the ground roots, we had to lop off half of the rhody branches on top. You can see the end result in the photo above.

We moved it to the other side of our house – and it now blocks our deck from the road – yes!

After many weeks of dedicated watering, we’ve officially gotten blooms!

I wasn’t sure if it would happen this year since, you know, we kind of chopped all it’s limbs off, but it’s surviving.

Nature is amazing.



4 thoughts on “The Thing About Roots

  1. How gorgeous are those flowers? Well done on the transplanting job, sounds like you have some handy friends!

  2. Amazing. Reminds me that while WE are uprooted, we can grow wherever we’re planted too 🙂

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