DIY Homemade Non-toxic Silver Cleaner

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for all the love! Last week I was Freshly Pressed for the third time (this time for my Day Trip to St. Andrews, Scotland post) and every time I am blown away by all the friendly people out there in the world. Thanks for visiting and leaving all your little love notes!

It’s been a sad week here in these parts.

This week my Granddad has joined my Granna in heaven after 93 very full years of life. This is a picture of him (on the very left) and my Granna (the woman in the middle with the dark hair). They met because they were in a radio singing group – isn’t that cool?

Along with the dresser I am currently working on, in the fall I received some other pieces that belonged to my grandparents. One of the other things I brought home was this sterling silver mirror and brush set that belonged to my Granna.

It always sat on top of her bedroom dresser (the one that I am actually refinishing). I was thinking about it so much while I was sanding down the dresser, it forced me into finally getting around to do this project.

As you can see, the mirror and brush were pretty tarnished.

Enter: sterling silver cleaner!

After repeatedly forgetting to purchase silver cleaner at the store, I decided to look up some alternative methods online. One being a very basic, one ingredient, non-toxic method: pure baking soda!

I took an old toothbrush, a small bowl of water and about 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

I wet the brush and started scrubbing baking soda on to the mirror. Nothing fancy.

Then I started to just use my hands, dipping my fingers in the water and then in the baking soda. My hands were gray by the end!

After I was satisfied with the cleaning, I gave it a rinse with tepid water and thoroughly dried it immediately.

It shined up pretty well!

And I’m glad I saved the $5.00 on silver cleaner.

Now it’s sitting on MY bedroom dresser. I love being surrounded by family things and remember my grandparents every day. : )


8 thoughts on “DIY Homemade Non-toxic Silver Cleaner

  1. Great cleaner that baking soda turned out to be! I loved your Scottish blog =) may your grandparents rest in peace ❤

  2. First, deepest sympathies on your loss, the photo and the story are very touching and obviously deeply personal.
    I use bicarb and baking soda a lot for cleaning and I also clean my balcony glass with a cloth dipped in water with a splash of malt vinegar in it, and then I polish each pane dry with newspaper. It’s THE best thing ever for really shiny smear free glass and my family have been using that method for generations. That mirror came up beautifully and I love the fact you used a traditional method and that it will continue to be used. My Grandma baked nearly every day of her married life and I still use the ritz-italora clip on cooking timer that she had permanently attached to her apron 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about your Grandad. He had a good long life and hopefully is now with your Grandma, enjoying life on the other side.
    I knew that baking soda was good for cleaning (does my teeth well) but I’ve never tried it with silver. I must try that. I always have an old toothbrush knocking around for cleaning purposes and there is always baking soda in the cupboard.

  4. Your grandparents had a really neat “how we met story”. They just don’t make ’em like they used to. ❤

    The brush and mirror came out great, baking soda is amazing!

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