Before and After: Refinishing an Old Wood Dresser

Last month I posted on some cabinet knobs that I was debating over for a dresser I was refinishing.

In fact, it it the first piece of furniture I have ever truly refinished!

I’ve finished raw wood and painted over old finishes, but I’ve never sanded a piece of furniture down to it’s raw state.

As usual, I was so caught up and excited about my project I forgot to take a true “before” photo, that’s why there are no drawers in this picture. They were lying all over my yard.

This is an old red mahogany beauty.

It belonged to my Great Aunt Annie. Then it was passed on to my lovely grandparents and sat in their bedroom for many years. Now it belongs to me!

See how it looks now:

I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

I’m quoting my husband when I say it looks like our first “grown up piece of furniture”, which is quite true.

I’ll post a full tutorial next week. : )

Happy Weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Before and After: Refinishing an Old Wood Dresser

  1. What kind of stripper did you use? I haven’t done any of that lately and I’m wondering if there is anything new/easier/less messy and stinky out there…Nice job, lovely dresser. Everything is all about painting furniture now but sometimes the wood is the feature that shouldn’t be covered up.

  2. That dresser is stunning! You did a WONDERFUL job! Love the knobs .. they look like they were meant for it. I can’t wait to read your tutorial about how you refinished it — I just bought an old dresser that I’m planning to refinish (not paint); your advice and tips will definitely help! Thanks!

  3. I actually did most of it by just sanding!

    At the end there were a few stubborn spots, so I did use a KleanStrip spray can stripper. But it still stinks! Sorry : ( I was outside, so at least it was a little breezy outside!

  4. Thank you for not painting this beautiful piece. Painted furniture has a place but to have painted this would have been a travesty.

  5. I LOVE it. I think it’s so great that you restored it and didn’t just paint over it. I have a few pieces I’d like to do this to. Great job! I know it’s hard work.

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