Breaking the Rules: Puttings Beds in front of Windows

Sometimes you’ve got to break a few rules.

There are a lot of rules I tend to ignore. Like “match your purse to your shoes”, “don’t swim right after you eat” and “don’t wear red and pink together”.

However, in some ways, I’m a rule-follower when it comes to decorating. Like, don’t mix and match hardware/appliance finishes. Etc.

But, our old house comes with small bedrooms. Small bedrooms with huge windows and double closets (albeit, awesome) but they take up a lot of wall real estate.

So we had to choose between 2 bad design choices:

1. Putting a bed against a window

2. Having our feet point away from the main door (why do I know these things? Too much Oprah.)

That’s why, after switching from room to room (last summer, we tried out 3 different bedrooms before we picked one) and trying out a few furniture layouts, we….. put our bed in front of a window.

And I love it!

And although I miss the window, we have two other huge windows on the other side of the wall that bring in lots of light.

While I would have liked to put the bed in front of these windows instead, that nice radiator you see below them put the Heisman on that plan.

To help create a “center” I hung a hefty curtain rod, added sheer drapes and a string of metal stars. Someday I’d like to get a shorter and more “open” headboard, but for now we are workin’ with what we’ve got.

Fortunately there were lots of other great examples that I scoped out before we jumped for it.

This one is even similar colors:

via Live in Des Moines

And this airy beauty:

via The Handmade Home

And I love this one! I have always wanted a bright red and white geometric quilt. Maybe in the future, or a guestroom.


Sometimes breaking the rules is so right.

In other words, Happy Weekend!!



4 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules: Puttings Beds in front of Windows

  1. I’ve been contemplating this for some time now and yes I totally get the foot facing the door thing too!

  2. I know! My husband thinks I’m a freak, but it was driving me insane!! I honestly think I sleep better facing the door <– I'm really weird. haha!

  3. love love looove this room! my face is directly facing our door, and I’d be lying if I said my two year old wandering in at 3am hasn’t scared the living heck out of me.

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