Appreciating Alex Katz: An Art Exhibit for Summer


Choosing to get a degree in art was a great decision.

I don’t think I ever dreaded going to class. No, I think I really, really liked going.

Beyond the fact that studying art greatly stretched my understanding of artistic expression, as well as my own technical skills, I love studying other peoples art.

via Alex Katz Portfolio

When I go to the art museum I get my face as close as I possible can to the canvas. Trying to dodge the museum monitors who will ask me to stay a safe distance away.


I love getting up close and seeing the layers of paint, the strokes of graphite, the etching lines, the smudges.

One of by best friends (and the gal who currently holds the “Kat’s Longest Roomate” title… my husband won’t catch up for another few years!) and I recently went together to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts (MFA). We went with a particular desire to see the Alex Katz exhibit.

I love modern art.

Actually, let me preface that. I love all art. Really, it’s true. Even the crazy ones.

I’d like to echo a typographic display I saw at the MFA: All art was modern in it’s time.


What I love about what we know to be as “modern art” is that it shows me something that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

For all the perfectly beautiful and interesting early American portraits and Renaissance sculptures and Ansel Adams photography pieces on the walls, I like contemporary ones the best.

Alex Katz is summer art perfection.

The bold colors. The clean lines. His pieces radiated.

Mostly I just love that he doesn’t take it too seriously.


And that he isn’t afraid to use color.


Or afraid to leave it out. (This is my favorite).


Unfortunately this lovely collection has already left Boston, but maybe it will be reappearing in a museum near you.

Do not miss it!

And bring along some aviators and a lemonade for true summery appreciation.

Or for afterwards. One way, or another the museum monitors will getcha!


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