Easy Soda Pop Bottle Flower Vases

Easy Soda Pop Bottle Flower Vases - DesignLively

D-po. Mo. Hot Dot. My mother.

She’s quite the creative gal, that one. Resourceful too, where do you think I got it from?

We spent Labor Day at the lake this past weekend, and I was admiring her adorable Stewart’s Orange ‘n Cream soda pop bottle vases. When they are gathering together with some friendly flowers popping out of the tops, they make quite the adorable grouping.

This weekend was my Dad’s birthday and she made this wonderful confection. I’ll bet you never guess what’s the main ingredient!

Easy Soda Pop Bottle Flower Vases - DesignLively

Ice cream sandwiches!

ALSO, did you know there is such a thing as the “Triple Double” Oreo these days? Whoa. Baby. We indulged in a few of those this weekend too!


Now that Labor Day is over, it’s time to get out of Summer La La Land and back to reality! Hopefully soon I’ll be returning to blogging more frequently than my lazy summer self.   : P


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