Recipe for a Girls Weekend

One of my besties was in town this week. : )

We [temporarily] reverted rediscovered our young girlish ways (only best friends can bring about such behavior in another, you know) and my poor husband had to live with TWO crazy gals instead of the normally ONE crazy girl. He’s a good sport.

You can read her gushing about our friendship over at her blog, Mademoiselle Michael. From middle school sleepovers to college dorm roomies to sharing an apartment as young professional gals, it only felt natural to be reunited again.

Time is a fickle thing. We are always looking forward but love reliving what was. Luckily, we have the kind of friendship where time and distance ain’t no thang.

And pick up where we left off we did! Sour watermelon gummies, Gilmore Girls reruns, Nicholas Sparks DVDs and staying up way too late. Except we got to add in our new things, like Pinterest-induced stupors,  Gluten-Free recipe ingredients and our obsessive dependence on coffee (hot and iced, since it’s that wonderful time of year).

(Side note: Good grief am I glad Pinterest wasn’t invented while I was in college…)

We rocked Girls Weekend.

Our weekend in links:

P.F. Chang Lettuce Wraps recipe from Iowa Girl Eats


We nixed the mushrooms, rice vinegar and peanuts. But YUM.

We loved it so much we made it two nights in a row!

Thanks to Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats for the awesome recipe!

Nicholas Sparks made an appearance. As did Zac Efron.

Except I spent the entire movie paying attention to the house… isn’t that a side affect of too much DIY reno?

… and now that I’ve officially spent the last 15 minutes unsuccessfully finding a picture of the kitchen (which I looooved) this was the best I could find.

I think I found enough inspiration to get revved up for our fall projects.

Because, if you’ve been paying any attention to Withywindle this summer, we’ve been seriously lazy on the summer projects. Oh well : )

There were coffeehouses, book recommendations and swapping our favorite blogs.

One of my favorites is Hooked on Houses – check out celebrity houses and houses from your favorite movies!

Our Recipe for a Girls Weekend?

– Sappy movies, because who else will watch them with you?
– Tasty food (tried and true favorites)
– New recipes to cook together!
– And of course some exercise to work off the late night snacking!

What do you and your BFF like to do together?

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  1. Dear Becausenicematters, I am happy to claim half of that cute elderly photo as long as you are the one with the sagging bosoms!

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