The 70s Called, They Want Their Knotty Wood Paneling Back.

I am about to share a room with you that, in the 1.5 years I’ve lived here, has never appeared on this blog.

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

Call it “the room I like to ignore”.

Or, as I call it, “the room where everything goes to die”.

This room is less emotionally known as the sunroom.

My bitter relationship with this room began the day we moved in.

Since we were renovating like banshees in the rest of the house, ALL of our belongings got stacked in this room when we unloaded our moving truck.

And it has not been clean, empty or organized since. The bane of my existence, this room is quite literally where our clutter goes to die.

Until NOW!

Now it is quite empty.

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

In defense of this room, it is beautiful and large.

It boasts NINE windows and gets beautiful light all day long.

And the wood paneling was actually really great quality. In the words of my BFF, it was the “Cadillac of wood paneling”.

I had dreams of painting it and turning it into a quaint cottage-y room, until we determined we needed to rip everything out to run new electric and re-blow the entire room, ceiling and floor with insulation.

This was a good thing too. Not only were the disgusting ceiling tiles riddled with mouse poop:

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

But we found creatures like this hiding at the foundation.

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

This room is so ill-protected from the outside it’s crazy. You can actually see sunlight coming through. Not for long!

That exposed brick you see is the backside of our fireplace in the living room.

We have some whitewashed brick projects up our sleeves that we can’t wait to test out.

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

The plan for the room is straightforward: Redo everything.

After we run new electrical and can lighting, we will have new insulation blown throughout the whole room.

Then we will install new windows, new drywall, new molding and a new ceiling.

We will raise up the floor (it’s currently a step down) and continue our hardwood floors that are in the rest of the house. We will also add a baseboard heating unit so we can use this room year-round.

And, something I’m twitching with excitement about, we will turn this glass door into two french doors that open from our living room!

DesignLively - DIY wood paneled sunroom

I have no idea what my end-vision for this room is yet. I am sure as I watch it take form I will get inspired.

One thing IS for sure, our television will be moving (finally!) from our living room, where it has been parked in front of two more beautiful windows since we moved in, to this room.

Do you like the feeling of a crow bar in your hand? Do you like demolition? Does mouse poop freak you out?


15 thoughts on “The 70s Called, They Want Their Knotty Wood Paneling Back.

  1. Love demolition. Love progress. Love watching you transform your house into YOUR home. Don’t mind mouse poop as long as it is on its way out!! Don’t mind snakes as long as they are on their way out also.(May I suggest you save your snake skeleton as a historical feature of your home or donate it to a school Biology class!!) LOVE French doors. What fun!!

  2. Interesting! I can’t wait to see what you do with it and I love the thought of french doors – that’s going to add a ton of light into your living room as well as a awesome view to your newly renovated sun room!

  3. I like demolition, but it is dirty. The animal poop is the part I hate most. That will be an absolutely beautiful room when you are done. What a nice space and it must be bright with all those windows. Can’t wait to see the finished space.

  4. demolition is the most fun part of renovations 🙂 nothing like a sledge hammer and crowbar to get some of that pent-up frustration out!
    Our entire kitchen was that kind of panneling, with matching cabinets, until we renovated. My friends used to call it the ‘cottage kitchen’, because it really was SO Cottagey.

  5. I have never had the firsthand experience of demolition, but seems like it would be quite rewarding. Can’t wait to see the end product!

  6. Demolitions is awesome! It opens up so many new possibilities. I can’t wait to see what you do with the room – with such good light, it will be beautiful.

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