Election Day

I collect bits and pieces. Odds and ends.

The types of things 10-year-olds like to collect until they grow out of it and move on to cooler collections, like high heels.

Usually I don’t realize I’ve been collecting things until I discover I have two dozen of them stowed away in a drawer.

Like fortune cookie fortunes.

I don’t save them all, but I keep the ones I really like. You’ll find them tucked in corners of picture frames and pinned to the fridge. And yes, I even have discovered a secret stash in the drawer of my nightstand.

In the throes of Presidential-overload this fall, I opened this fortune cookie and the timing was just right.

It made me remember how grateful I am to have the constant annoying presence of ballots and bulletins and billboards flooding my mailbox, inbox and every other nook and cranny they can squeeze into.

I’ve hung on to it throughout the fall since I am eager to move past this crazy period of the year.

I don’t think I will add this to my collection long-term, but it’s been a good and healthy reminder.

The clash of ideas is the sound of freedom.


And to avoid this post becoming completely serious, I’d like to share this funny post I found on “Election Day Fashion”.


It made me laugh!

And do the independents wear all purple?

Rock the vote!!!


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