$2 Toasty Fleece Ear-warmers

DIY $2 Toasty Fleece Ear-warmers- DesignLively

If you are like me, with the help of the internet, you have enough craft projects for a lifetime. I used to thumb through BH&G and Martha Stewart magazines and tear out craft ideas, but now with the internet, blogs and Pinterest, my craft “list” is growing exponentially!

I’ve realized there are the “this-is-brilliant-and-so-easy-I-love-my-life” ideas versus the “this-is-so-terrible-the-internet-is-a-lie!!” ideas. This post is about a great one!

One of my besties came over several weekends ago for a girls night – complete with shopping, crafts and Mister Darcy. We picked two Pinterest crafts we had been wanting to try, and found a wonderfully easy and inexpensive tutorial for felt ear-warmers!

The tutorial we used can be found at Delia Creates.

DIY $2 Toasty Fleece Ear-warmers- DesignLively

The bow-specific tutorial can be found at Delia Creates also.

We each made a few of them – and they came out to less than $2.00 a piece!

Supplies Needed:

  • 1/4 yard of microfleece from your local fabric store (1/4 yard will make 2 earwarmers. We bought ours with a 50% off coupon at Joann’s … originally $10/yard which = $1.25 for our 1/4 yard at 50% off)
  • A large button – any color/size of your choosing
  • Thread (I used white thread I already had on my machine. You could hand-sew this project too if desired.)

I made the rosette with a glue gun and glued/sewed it on to the band. Next time I make rosettes I will try to remember to take process-photos.

A great rosette tutorial video can be seen here from Living with Lindsey: Making Rosettes from Cloth

I love wearing my ear-warmers! I wear ponytails a lot – and I hate wearing hats with them! It’s so uncomfortable.

These ear-warmers are very warm and toasty and you can fit it to your own size head.

I suppose you have to take the good ideas with the bad ideas… because I’m not even going to talk about that joke-of-a-recipe we pinned and made for “healthy Peppermint milkshakes” – when it’s made from cottage cheese, protein powder and pudding mix… you know something has to be wrong.

Give me ice cream or give me death!


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