DIY Subway Art

DIY Subway Art - DesignLively

I have finally succumbed to the mega-trend that is subway art.

There is a lot of “word art” out there in the world today. “Real” subway art, or bus scrolls, are black and white and use the typeface Akzidenz-Grotesk, though modern updates of any official subway signage are written in Helvetica.

DIY Subway Art - DesignLively

I created this sign in Adobe Illustrator using Helvetica, and altered the kerning (space between letters) and letter height for variation. I printed it at Staples using the “Engineering Print” category – purchasing this huge poster for $4.99. Then I spray-mounted the poster on a piece of large foam core (black foam core so the edges blended) with 3M Super 77 spray adhesive and finally just hung it up in our bedroom.

The locations I chose are all places that meant a lot to us during our days of college.

It makes me happy! And gives us a big piece of meaningful art for only $10.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


13 thoughts on “DIY Subway Art

  1. I like this. I did a little skip though…I lived in the North Shore for a few years and took the T quite often. This is fun to see on your site. All the area’s you mentioned on your subway art are mostly very in-fluent areas and very beautiful as well!

  2. Perfect timing! I found some really cool subway art with local Nashville streets and neighborhoods on Etsy. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend close to $100 for a tiny poster!

  3. I just moved into a new place and have plain white walls everywhere. I have a bunch of photography and art prints that I was going to frame but I think I’ll use your idea and mount them on foam or plywood. Think I’ll do that with some of my own photography too. That’ll save me a ton of money that I don’t have. Thanks!

  4. How did you attach the foam core to the wall? That’s been my only problem thus far with this idea!

  5. I used a ribbon on the back and taped it to the foam core with masking tape. Then I hung it on a thin 3M hook. I put 2 3m stickies on the bottom 2 corners to make it lie flat. I hope that helps!

    (My last resort was nailing it directly to the wall through the foam core.)

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