A Cute Way to Organize Tech Equipment

A Cute Way to Organize Tech Equipment - DesignLively

If you’re like me, you have cables and chargers coming out of the wazoo.

Between the computers, cameras, iPods, iPhones, Kindles, so on and on, we have a lot of cords, cables and chargers. That is, a lot of cords that look exactly the same and tangle into a big electronic ratsnest.

But not anymore!

Enter: The Tech Basket

A Cute Way to Organize Tech Equipment - DesignLively

I chose to store all our tech equipment in a pretty, unused picnic basket. It looks nice on the shelf, plus, the lift-top provide easy access. You, of course, can put them in whatever container that you choose.

To organize my equipment I needed two things:

1. A box of Ziploc freezer bags

2. Binder clips of various sizes

I keep all the manuals (which I never read) and installation CDs in one bag to keep everything together. The lid of my basket had a nifty plastic plates holder on the lid that I tucked mine into.

A Cute Way to Organize Tech Equipment - DesignLively

First, to keep all the cords from tangling I wrap them up together and clip them together with a big binder clip.

I love these black binder clips because they are sturdy, and clip on/off so easily! Much better than wrapping with a rubber band or knoting the cord.

A Cute Way to Organize Tech Equipment - DesignLively

Then I group together the “stuff” by  which “thing” it belongs to.

For example, this is all my SLR equipment – chargers, TV hookup cables, lens covers, etc.

I like to use Ziploc Freezer bags because they are tougher and also have a nice label-box.

A Cute Way to Organize Tech Equipment - DesignLively

I threw some other tech equipment in the basket too – my external hard drive, re-chargable batteries and some extra headphones.

It’s nice to have everything in one place, and finding the right cord that I need is so much faster/easier now.


Hopefully I’ll post on a few Christmas projects soon… I’ve been far too busy watching Hallmark movies and drinking cocoa to muster up the effort to take pictures. : ) Soon enough friends!


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  1. I usually put hubby’s chargers/wires in a small plastic bin but I have to admit when he tells me to grab him the ____ charger I’m like, “uh what?” the Ziploc bag is a great idea to keep track of things!

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