At Peace


While we miss living right by the ocean, this pond near our house is quite beautiful. I snapped this shot on my way to the grocery store one evening. We bought a kayak this fall so we can paddle around in it come spring.

And don’t worry, I got out of the car – not driving and photographing simultaneously!

While things here on Withywindle have been fairly quiet, our lives have been anything but.

Around here was the buzz of Christmas preparations, then the roaring silence after the Sandy Hook tragedy, followed by the holiday train that starts moving whether we’re ready or not.

This weekend we relax.

We close out the year as I like to do with the end of a good book – snuggled up in an armchair with a mug of hot something.

We find our peaceful place in this holiday season before 2013 reveals a fresh page begging to be blotted with fresh ink.

We enjoy our colorful tree and twinkle lights around the house, charge through our DVR stash of favorite TV shows and recorded movies (we are cancelling our cable next month – so need to get through it all now!), try new recipes (from new cookbooks received on the 25th!) and sit by warm fires reading Anna Karenina (I have this thing about reading books before seeing the movie).

Well, I read Anna Karenina, my counterpart will likely read something equally riveting. Like a book about lawn care.

We have a few projects thrown in the mix as well – putting finishing touches on our whitewashed brick wall and re-arranging picture frames around the house. Trivial things.

During the Christmas season we hear about the silent night and the peace on earth but most often it’s overtaken with the holiday shopping hustle, driving through stressful snowstorms and go-go-go-go.

But this weekend is about pajamas and pancakes. And peace.

Merry Christmas to you all. And Happy New Year.

: )


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