DIY Painted Tile Coasters

DIY Painted Tile Coasters - DesignLively

One of my favorite types of gifts, to both give and receive, is something that is homemade.

For Christmas, my mother-in-law surprised us with a collection of DIY painted coasters!

The coasters are tumbled marble tiles from Home Depot, which she sanded down. Then she painted on them and gave each coaster a final coat of polyurethane.

DIY Painted Tile Coasters - DesignLively

Then she glued cork to the bottom (using Elmer’s Glue, she said she did her research!)

She said that she got the idea from a store – where they were charging $12 for each coaster!

DIY Painted Tile Coasters - DesignLively
Plus, she gave us a set of 12 coasters, which is great because I never seem to have enough coasters around when we have a party.

We’ve got crafty genes all over this family tree.

DIY Painted Tile Coasters - DesignLively

They’ve already been put to the test! Saturday morning coffee and a read through one of my new Christmas reads!


7 thoughts on “DIY Painted Tile Coasters

  1. These are sooo cool! I could definitely see these down in a shop in Stone Harbor/ Cape May/ The Cape!! Love them.

    Yay! Pippa! 🙂

  2. Love these! We here at Boston to Georgia are always trying to find little details to spruce up a party or as you said, give the best gifts to receive! Thanks for sharing!

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