My 2013 Resolutions

For ONCE in my life, I actually did a pretty good job accomplishing my resolutions!

Last year, my resolutions were:

1. Less house, more play.



2. Eat more fresh veggies – join our local CSA



3. Get to know my sewing machine and camera better



I actually sewed my first quilt this fall! Pics may follow someday. It was a Christmas present for my hubby.

I didn’t do the best job with getting to know my camera. Like, at all.

My resolutions for 2013 are:

1. Get to know my camera better! I’ve done diddly-squat in researching my photography skills since I got my SLR over a year ago. It’s mostly been blind exploration, and I haven’t been getting too far! This year I will focus and learn.

2. Apologize less. You heard me! Instead of “Oops! I’ve been a bad blogger and still haven’t posted my one-year update of the second floor… even though we’re rapidly nearing the two year mark.” Nope. Not gonna say that anymore. I’m not sorry.


3. Explore more. Last year’s “home” resolution was to work less and play more. Which we certainly did. This is the year of hunkering down and getting to know our new home. I will learn the back roads. We will try new restaurants. Roots baby. Roots.


4. A morning routine. I’d like to have one at some point in time during my adult life. A morning routine that involves more than rolling out of bed and throwing my contacts in.

What about you?
Any tips for a hopeless morning gal like me?



19 thoughts on “My 2013 Resolutions

  1. I did an 8 week course when I got my SLR…..then promptly forgot everything I’d learnt! I think just practice, practice, practice…..take heaps and heaps and then learn from the good ones by the info that your digital camera stores with every pic it takes – if you get a good shot have a look at what setting you accidentally found yourself on and try and replicate it/make some notes. I love that photo with the bike, you’ve definitely got an eye for a good shot and no one can ever teach you that 🙂

  2. I’m not a resolution type (mostly because I stress and fret too much over keeping them) but I like yours. Simple, refreshing adjustments to life!
    P.S. Love that you aren’t saying sorry. I struggle with that sometimes, but then I have to remember that a delayed blog post typically means I’m busy doing other fun things. Gotta live life to write about it!

  3. thank you!! yes, I think if I took a course I would forget it all. I’m hoping if I take it slow and learn one thing at a time I’ll remember bits and pieces.

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