Scenes from a Boston Blizzard

Boston Blizzard

Every morning I drive to work past this pond right by our home.

The last month or two, every morning I spy a few crazies out there on the ice.

They are ice fishing!

It looks pretty miserable to me, but whatever floats your boat… or… whatever you use for ice fishing.

Whatever warms your Longjohns?

Okay, this analogy is dying a swift death.

DesignLively - Boston Blizzard

On Friday afternoon the blizzard that took New England by storm (*pun intended) arrived.

As soon as I woke up the next morning I peered out our bedroom window, and saw our cars buried beneath a thick, white blanket of snow.

DesignLively - Boston Blizzard

Fortunately we kept our power throughout the storm, and didn’t lose any tree branches! We haven’t had the best of luck in that area.

Before the storm we lined our driveway with these orange poles, so we would know where our driveway ended and the yard started – very important if you are plowing your driveway.

DesignLively - Boston Blizzard

Thankfully I’m married to Mister Prepared, and we had all the tools for a proper snow jailbreak.

Can you see our big marshmallow cars in the driveway?

DesignLively - Boston Blizzard

My favorite part about blizzards is hunkering down with some warm food and pajamas.

We started the day off right with a big, hot breakfast.

Including my Granna’s recipe for homemade scones and coffee!

DesignLively - Boston Blizzard

Anything to fuel the manpower to unearth our vehicles…

DesignLively - Boston Blizzard

I brought our yardstick downstairs to measure the snow.

We had a whopping 28″ in the front walkway!

DesignLively - Boston Blizzard

Everybody needs a good blizzard every once in a while!

I hope my New England friends are staying warm and dry!


4 thoughts on “Scenes from a Boston Blizzard

  1. Glad you made it through alright. I called my dad in Rhode Island on Saturday since it was his birthday, when he picked up I said “happy blizzard day.” He said they had about 22″ but on account of the wind, he had a 4-5′ snowdrift a few feet from his front door. He lost power Friday night but luckily the National Grid office is a couple miles away so they were quick in taking care of that and by the time he woke up in the morning, it had already come back. A few weeks ago I was saying how much I miss New England seasons, now I’m not so sure haha.

  2. I totally feel you. I live in Allston and the snow is EVERYWHERE. Nothing was opened, the T wasn’t working regularly till today. I’m glad you have made it through the weekend. Stay warm and enjoy the nice weather for the upcoming days.

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