Good Housekeeping

via – in honor of Valentine’s Day this week

First, I want to thank you for being patient with the visual changes around Withywindle. I’m testing out some new looks and layouts – so if things change a bit, that’s why!

Hopefully I will settle on something that works best soon.

I’ve been told that the comment button is now hard to find – my apologies!


With this new WordPress layout I’m trying the comments button has moved to the top of the post, no longer at the bottom. I will see what I can do about that!

I’ve added a few new pages recently as well to help organize my projects so they can be found more easily:

I’m also starting a house tour, which is coming (promise!). I’ve also put together a Paint Colors page here.

I can also be found chattering on Twitter, procrastinating on Pinterest or tracking all my favorite books on GoodReads. And, as always, via email me at

Lastly, you can subscribe to my posts three different ways: sign up via email (see sidebar for the button), follow me on WordPress (if you are a fellow WordPresser), or sign up for my RSS Feed on a reader (I personally read most blogs through Google Reader).

Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Good Housekeeping

  1. I like your new header!
    I love blogging, but sometimes the layout and design details can bog me down. I just changed over my site this week to a self-hosted WordPress blog. Still working out a few bugs, but it went smoother than expected.
    Looks like you are doing a great job here!

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