The Last Stillness of Winter

I’ve returned from Atlanta, and my trip was just peachy. (Too cheeky?)

Although I saw shamefully little of the city, I did experience a few new things: my first foray into Caribou Coffee meeting up with an old friend, I went to a restaurant with a ham bar and ordered grits, and survived the MARTA train system. Not exactly a deep cultural experience for my first time in the South, but I will be back there in a few months – so maybe I will have more to report on Georgia then.

Before I left we had a beautiful dusting of snow.

We’ve had quite a few lovely snows this year.

Now that March has officially begun, we’re starting to see glimpses of spring. A warm day here, sprouting buds there. While I’m sure we will continue to get a few more snowfalls, I’m trying to appreciate the last days of fleeting winter beauty.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I “like” winter, I have a deep appreciation for it. Having lived in the snow belt for my entire life, the calendar year seems incomplete without the season of frigid whiteness.

frosty morning view from bed

Maybe I do like winter. It gives me the excuse to sit inside and watch early 90s sitcoms while the roast from the slow cooker wafts throughout the house.

Maybe I like it because it covers up our disaster of a frozen, excavated yard for a few months of the year.

And how the reflective snow brings so much LIGHT into our home.

Soon it will be over. For now I will enjoy the stillness.


8 thoughts on “The Last Stillness of Winter

  1. I have been to Atlanta many times but I’ve never explored the city either. I usually go straight from the airport onto the highway. Tell me more about the Marta transport system?

  2. The MARTA is the Atlanta subway. I heard it was pretty sketchy – but my trip was just fine! The traincar I was on was super clean. And it only cost me $3.50 to get from the airport to my hotel!

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