Scrapbooking: Thing of the Past?

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for exactly a year now. Mainly because I’m still waffling with what my opinion is.

The thing is, I have been a scrapbooker for most of my adult life.

When I say scrapbooker, I mean drawer-full-of-crazy-scissors, got-monopoly-board-game-paper-just-in-case, every-shade-of-sharpie-marker kind of scrapbooker.

Really, it’s all my Dad’s fault. (Yes, you Alpo.)

Knowing I was a crazed, crafty kid, once upon a time my Dad brought home half a dozen fancy old portfolio-style binders with clear sleeves thinking I might like to use them for a project. Little did he realize he was going to create a life-long tornado of patterned paper squares, mini paper-cutters and stickers for every occasion.

I save everything that has a memory associated with it. Funny fortune cookie slips, postcards, clippings from the boat ride on Cape Cod, notes on napkins and hospital bracelets. Then in a maelstrom of scotch tape and Fiskars fury I lovingly assemble them into a visual memoir of the year.

Then I got married and I made our wedding album online. And I liked it. I really liked it.


Now I feel torn. Usually as the year closes, I purchase my next scrapbook to begin recording the follow year. So that left me wondering… do I keep scrapbooking? I already have over a dozen hefty scrapbooks and have no idea where to keep them.

Maybe this digital photo book idea is the way of the future, but it still makes me sad to leave my scrapbooking ways behind.

Does that mean no more ironic word bubble stickers? What will I do with the straw wrapper from the restaurant we go to on our 10th anniversary? Or the road map from our first European travels? What will I do with my 2012 keepsakes if I don’t scrapbook them!?

But then the idea of creating yet another scrapbook feeling daunting. More paper, more clear sleeves, more albums.

Do you scrapbook? Do you ever feel like it’s time to quit?

30 thoughts on “Scrapbooking: Thing of the Past?

  1. I still scrapbook, mostly with those bits of papers and souvenirs from trips, that would just end up in unsorted boxes otherwise. I find it really enjoyable, and it’s nice to know that I put them in a good organized home instead of having them die a slow cluttery death.

    I also do collages in my free time and have always love arranging things so I find the process of doing scrapbooks to be really enjoyable in and of itself.

    I’m in my early twenties and I’ll probably scrapbook for as long as I acquire bits and things that I think are worthy of being preserved.

  2. i love the look and feel of the digital books, and my scrapbooks are fun but not nearly as nice as I’d like. I’m transitioning into a both/and place, where I do the digital book but have pages for memory things to add later.

  3. Maybe there’s room for both types of scrapbooking. Have you heard about Becky Higgins and Project Life? If you haven’t, you should check it out. Just search “Becky Higgins.”

  4. Hi Kat, I don’t scrapbook, but I’m hoping to do it one day (the real scrapbooking, not the online one). My saying is, keep doing it! I think digital things kind of get lost in the cyber space, and the albums will be such a great memory for your family.

  5. You can always scan your favorite items to include in your digital pages, or even make full scrapbook pages digitally, lace borders and all! I am very similar in the fact that I had a huge suitcase full of random scrapbook paraphernalia. My problem though, was that I tend to prefer creating digital pages with realistic embellishments, making the collection of products virtually go to waist. I ended up scanning everything I didn’t want to part with, selling the rest, and sticking to digital. It takes up less room 🙂

  6. Quill vs. pen. Pen vs. typewriter. Typewriter vs. computer. Sometime soon computer keyboard vs. silicone implant thought-writer. The more organic tends to feel old vs. technology. Is it important to have an actual button that may fall from a scrap book or have a virtual button on a screen? What we cherish defines our lives.

  7. I have closets full of scrapbooking material. Everytime I try to get rid of it I find more photos. AFTER all my present photos are in albums I’ll use the photos from now for online albums. That’s the plan.

  8. Digital doesn’t do it for me, no. I have five scrapbooks, one for each of my sons, one for me and one for my grandson. I love working on them. Yes it’s a problem where to keep them, but they are so lovely to take down and look at. I wouldn’t want to give it up. Let’s see some of your efforts please?

  9. i was one of those that always wanted to scrapbook and even bought all the materials but only ever got one page done. my first digital scrapbook was in late 2009 for a christmas present and i only did it because i had so many pictures and didn’t know what to get for my friend. since then i’ve been doing digital scrapbooks. my friend, the one whom i made the scrapbook for, makes digital scrapbooks but also adds her own pictures and other non-digital scrapbook things once she receives the digital one. so all that just to say i encourage you to do both. sorry for the long explanation.

  10. Haha that reminds me! The other problem is the MESS! The only time I would get more than 1 page done is if I took over the whole living room for a week. I forced myself to keep going since I had all the supplies out!

  11. I’m of the opinion that if something is worth keeping it should be kept in a nice organized way—scrapbooking is perfect for that.

  12. Exactly! And if you have any cute embellishments, photograph them too, make your digital books come to life 🙂 if you want full artistic license, just create a whole 8×10 laid out your way in a photo editor and print 8x10s for the albums you already have! I should post some of mine sometime soon!

  13. I started scrap-booking this year because I had a few boxes of keepsakes that were just sat under my bed. I find the process of organising and working out how to lay out my scrapbook really relaxing and it’s nice to do something with my hands seeing as I sit at the computer/laptop a lot for my studies. But I have used blurb for a project in the past and I do think it’s great, the quality is really lovely isn’t it. I think the nice thing about scrapbooks is that you can always go back and add things and change things,you can’t really do that with a digital one once it’s printed. Do you have a favourite scrapbook out of all the ones you have made?

  14. I hear an echo. I am wrestling also. My current evolution: digital photos = digital albums. Faster; cheaper in time, space needed, and money; I’m always ready to work on it in an instant, with merely electricity and my laptop. Books are easier to store due to size. I never have to print any photos. Faster (repeated for emphasis). Less perfect paper and perfect enhancement options, which on some days and in some categories of life is a good thing, because the photos and the words tell the story. Priorities.

    But, alas, what about printed photos? And the memories that come tumbling out of real stuff I can hold in my hand? Still a challenge. Printed photos from back in the day will have to go traditional scrapbook, be scanned, or be tossed. Sigh. And stuff: treasure box, scanned, or photographed with story told. That’s my current mode of operation. Stay tuned. This will modify. I am in an iPhonetography frenzy, taking pictures way too often. Delirious delight.

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