Amazon Prime for the DIYer

I am sitting in our brand new family room as I type this post. That is a sentence I never thought I would write! : ) Well, maybe not never, but it was hard to picture it becoming a reality. We have a few more bits and pieces to do before I share an “after” post, so I hope you can all at least pretend to share my excitement!

We, obviously, do a lot of projects around the home. Today I thought I’d talk about a place you wouldn’t necessarily think of for your DIY needs…..!

Amazon Prime for the DIYer

We are Amazon Prime members, which means we get everything shipped to us for FREE.

Returns are easy too (not that we have had much experience there). We review products fairly rigorously before we buy anything, and I love reading the reviews on Amazon before buying anything – they are usually pretty reliable.

There is a surprising amount of home items available on Amazon. Things you might never consider purchasing online, much less Amazon.

Like our fireplace doors.

Amazon Prime for the DIYer

They sell these same doors at Lowe’s and Home Depot, we but saved $40 by ordering them through Amazon instead!

PLUS, if we ordered from either of the “big box” stores they were going to take several weeks to arrive. We ordered from Amazon and … a few days later, there they were! It doesn’t get better/easier than that.

When we finally got rid of the beast above the stove we were left microwave-less for some time. We looked around at microwaves, and finally settled on this (perfectly sized) Panasonic micowave from… you know it… Amazon!

We have the Panasonic Compact 0.8 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave and I love it! It’s big enough for our dinner plates and it’s SO quiet! Again, the microwave was less expensive through Amazon than the bigger stores.

We even bought yard tools like our ax and chainsaw through Amazon.

Additionally, we’ve purchased many other home DIY items through Amazon – from inexpensive things like paint stripper and flood lightbulbs, to tools (like our table saw) to big items like the vent for our bathroom ceiling.

Next time you’re shopping for your DIY/renovation projects, check out Amazon!

Note: We are Amazon Prime members – which is a yearly fee service.

Other note: Amazon is not paying to brag about their wonderful deals. We just love them and get some of our best deals there! I hope you will too!


7 thoughts on “Amazon Prime for the DIYer

  1. That is really cool! I never really thought about Amazon for much besides Gift shopping. I definitely will now. My husband isn’t too thrilled with their Prime deal, but perhaps someday!

  2. Thanks for pointing this out! I do a lot of online shopping for the home because it’s often cheaper and I really like to take my time to compare items and read reviews. It’s so much easier to do in front of your computer rather than in the isles of Home Depot with your two-year-old tugging at you to follow that fork lift!

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