Day Trip to Marblehead, MA

Day Trip to Marblehead, MA

This winter I traveled up to Marblehead, MA for work and was able to explore the area for a bit. This visit (and this post) are more than a tease than anything else!

Marblehead is best known for being a peninsula with lots of coast and ocean views, being the birthplace of the U.S. Navy and the yachting capital of the U.S.  It’s also the filming location for several popular movies, most recently Grown Ups 1 and 2.

Day Trip to Marblehead, MA

Like most of our favorite towns on the North Shore of Boston, it has a village full of shops, lovely window decorations and countless art galleries.

We were there on a cold afternoon in February, so life there was quiet. So I’m told, it gets very busy in the summer.

I had lunch at Haley’s – there is a cafe inside the wine & spirit store.Day Trip to Marblehead, MA

We sat next to this AWESOME painting, which I took several photos of. I’m determined to try and DIY one just like it, because I still can’t stop thinking about it. It’s also my iPhone background. <— such is the life of a nerdy art  major.

Day Trip to Marblehead, MA

For lunch I had the Vegetable Chili and the Chicken Arugula Sandwich.

I hope you know I’m not exaggerating when I say that the sandwich was the BEST one I’ve had in years. Maybe I was high on cold air, or the dullness of February was going to my head but… it was kismet.

I won’t lie. I hardly shared because I wanted to eat the whole thing myself. YUM.

Day Trip to Marblehead, MA

One of our favorite things about the North Shore of Boston is looking at all the buildings and architecture. When my husband and I started dating it was, and still is, one of our favorite things to do.

Marblehead is no different and full of interesting, old houses to check out.

I definitely will be returning in the summer with my bike!Day Trip to Marblehead, MA

And of course ocean views were inescapable.

The ocean looked mighty, mighty cold that day. Day Trip to Marblehead, MA

We headed up to Chandler Hovey Park, home of the Marblehead Lighthouse.

And it was COLD so we didn’t stay long!Day Trip to Marblehead, MA

While we spent only an hour or two checking out town before we had to move on, I definitely hope to return to this lovely seaside town.

And you can bet I’ll be bringing my bike. And a swimsuit. And a picnic basket for the 18 Chicken Arugula sandwiches I will be eating all by myself.

Have been to Marblehead? Seen the movie Grown Ups?

Fun fact: A friend and I saw and met Maya Rudolph shopping in Salem with her newborn son while she was in town filming for the second movie!

I ‘ve also heard a few stories about people meeting Adam Sandler when he was in town filming. One fun story was that he stopped at a kid’s lemonade stand and gave him a one-hundred dollar bill for a cup of lemonade. Not sure if it’s true, but cute nonetheless.


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  1. Thanks for this post! So glad that you had a good time there – I’ve only been once, but have fantasized about moving there ever since. It’s such a pretty little town, with lots of cool history. The painting “Spirit of ’76” is housed at the old town hall, and there’s a little spot near Fountain Park with a historical marker that tells the story of a poor girl who was fetching water at the fountain, and the rich soldier who fell in love with her at first sight and whisked her away from her life of poverty 🙂 There’s also this lovely B&B out near the lighthouse called Marblehead on Harbor. It’s not posh, but it’s comfortable and historic, and the owner is one of the coolest women I’ve ever met.

  2. You forgot to mention that, in addition to Maya Rudolph, we also happened to see the King of Sweden in Salem! Your pictures are lovely, friend!

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