To Boston, With Love

Boston Skyline

I cry every Marathon Monday. Usually it’s because I’m reading so many inspirational stories about the thousands of people who train to run 26.2 miles through the beautiful state of Massachusetts, ending in our lovely city of Boston
However this year I cry because of the tragedy that happened in Boston earlier today.

Marathon Monday, officially known as Patriots’ Day (commemorating the anniversary of the battle of Lexington and Concord), is a celebration in our city.
I’ve stood on Heartbreak Hill and cheered for all the runners of the Boston Marathon, caught in the frenzy.

I love Marathon Monday because it’s full of dreams and hard work.

And strangers cheering on strangers.

(We tend to stick to ourselves in New England, thus it makes it all the sweeter.)

To this day, when I’m slugging up a hill on my runs, I think about some of the people I’ve watched pass by and it spurs me onward.

Sometimes there are just no words. Prayers for Boston.

(We are both safe.)


8 thoughts on “To Boston, With Love

  1. I am glad you are safe. I really am not yet sure what to say in regards to the tragedy that struck Boston today. All I know right now is that my heart is there (I know this because of the hollow I feel where my heart usually is), and my mind is praying. Much love from Kansas too.

  2. I am a fellow Bostonian and this was supposed to be a joyful day. After what happened in our city yesterday I am so proud of the unsung heroes who jumped into action to help people. It is sad that people need to exalt themselves onto a platform at the expense of other people’s lives. Until we know who did this lets focus on each other and what we can do for one another. We are a strong proud bunch. Love that dirty water.

  3. As a fellow Bostonian, my heart is shattered for the loss of our innocence and for the lives of the injured and lost.
    I will choose instead to focus on the heroes that rushed in to help, the police and first responders, and for the people of Boston who showed courage and tenacity in the face of such devastation.
    Next year, I may join you with a few tears as I cheer on the runners for the Boston Marathon and for the incredible will of us all to survive even the unimaginable.

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