Mint Hints: How to Keep Mint Fresh

How to Keep Mint Leaves Fresh

I have the answer you have been looking for. I know what you have been thinking…

How can I possibly make my fresh mint last longer.

(Am I right?)

How to Keep Mint Leaves Fresh

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Our CSA recently started up again, and ’tis the season of mint. In vain have wasted mint while trying all types of different methods to preserve it.

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You name it I’ve tried it – washing and pat-drying, freezing freshly picked leaves, wrapping sprigs in a paper towel, storing it by the window in a vase… All of those methods are great if you like dried out, crispy, brittle mint leaves.

I HAVE FOUND A SOLUTION. (Caps-lock 100% warranted.)

How to Keep Mint Leaves Fresh
Take your mint sprigs and place in a jar/glass. Fill with about 1-2″ of water.

Don’t let any leaves sit in water, otherwise your water will get manky and your mint moldy.

Take a (clean) plastic bag and place it over the top of the mint and tuck under the bottom of your glass.

How to Keep Mint Leaves Fresh
Place in the fridge.

How to Keep Mint Leaves Fresh

Enjoy fresh mint! I have had my leaves in the fridge for 2 weeks now and they are still nice and crisp.

I am thrilled that I have finally found a mint-preserving method that actually works – so naturally I had to share it with the world.

I wish you many minty mojitos on this holiday weekend! Cheers and Happy 4th of July!

What do you like to make with mint leaves?
I love to make mojitos or chocolate mint ice cream!


12 thoughts on “Mint Hints: How to Keep Mint Fresh

  1. Thanks for tip! I work as a chef and only had to chuck a nice bunch of mint from my fridge today, as it had turned :/ I’ll keep this tip in mind next time!

  2. I throw mint into the vitamix with cucumbers and ice and a little stevia – although, I prefer the look of your mojito.

  3. perfect! tonight i made a strawberry lemonade with vodka and meant to put in the mint! (pretty tempeted to make a pun there but i didn’t). oh well- now i know how to keep it longer!

  4. I have a couple of herb keepers from pampered chef that work the same way. It works with all fresh herbs I’ve tried, especially cilantro which is a pain to keep fresh!

  5. Even ur sprigs don’t touch water tip. Don’t they have to or is it otherwise. Jus more confused Bc u mentioned leaves shouldn’t touch water

  6. Thanks so much for this tips, i bought a couple of mint leaves n after the second day, it startrd turning brown till is finally became all sorgy

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