Summer Scenes

Boston in the Summer

In case you haven’t looked at your calendar recently, it’s August.

August is technically late summer, but pumpkins are making their way into the craft store and I can’t say that I haven’t started to wistfully think about the impending arrival of my favorite autumnal things.

Here in Boston we still qualify September as summer, otherwise we hardly get summer in at all.

Boston in the Summer

If there’s any indication of the speediness of this summer, (besides my lack of blogging) it’s the lack of photos I’ve taken! Fortunately now that I’ve moved over to the dark side (*smart phones*) I’ve been able to document some memories via Instagram.

The main reason that this summer has flown by is that we have been travel crazies. In the last 3 months I’ve been on 4 road trips (as evidenced by the picture above) 10 flights (as seen below). Yowza.

I’ve been getting my fill of palm trees this summer – a unique experience for a Northeastern girl like myself. From Italy, to Florida, to San Francisco (and a trip to Atlanta in-between) the beginning of the summer was a blur.

Should you ever find yourself outside of San Francisco in Pleasanton, CA, the historic Ruby Hill winery is a beauty! (And a great place to host events if you are an event coordinator like myself!)

And there have been many baby showers (four of them! Three baby girls and 1 TBD!) and weddings (four of those too!) to celebrate as well!

And we’ve been fortunate enough to find ourselves at the beach with friends on several occasion – a truly blissful way to spend a summer Saturday.

We’ve continued to be members of our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this year and I’ve been enjoying trying new recipes! This weekend I’ll be experimenting with Swiss Chard Pesto – we will see how it goes!

And the blueberries. OH the blueberries.

There are 30 pounds of them in my freezer. Come February we will be very happy breakfast smoothie drinkers.

And late-night summer road trip driving could not be more worth it when you can wake up to a lovely lakeside cup of coffee.

And the ice cream. Oh boy.

I’ve failed to make homemade ice cream so far this summer – a tragedy! Now that I think about it… the pesto can wait. Ice cream takes priority!

Do you eat Purple Cow ice cream? Is it just a New England thing?

I’ve never seen it anywhere else. But it’s yummy! Grape ice cream with dark or white chocolate chips. YUM!!

And our other favorite ice cream shoppe just came out with a new flavor – Salted Caramel and Chocolate Covered Pretzel ice cream.

Yikes, Autumn better hold a lot of jogging in store for me.

Also, I’ve invented a new game. Backwards croquet.

Spread the word.

Isn’t this a beautiful butterfly? I was taking a creative brain stretch (aka – a walk) during lunch one day and found this guy.

As you can imagine we’ve gotten very little done on our house for the last few months. I have a few projects I’m waiting to share with you, but we’ve been trying very hard to forget about the work that’s waiting for us and enjoy July and August. (This idea sounds very easy in theory, but is actually kind of difficult.)

There’s a little Saturday morning happiness to start your day. : )

What has been your favorite moment this summer? I’ve been enjoying picking lots of blueberries!


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