Currently Lovin’

Currently Loving | DesignLively

Listening | Ed Sheeran

Have you heard this guy? He is awesome. He is the opening act for Taylor Swift right now, and I dare say I’d go to see him before I’d see her. (This coming from a girl who car dances to 22.)

Oogling| Hand-written Script

I tried to practice this before, and it ended really, really badly. So badly, that my left foot is currently touching an apple-pie-sized ink stain in the carpet. Maybe round 2 will be less of a failure?

Reading | And the Ladies of the Club

Getting through this book slowly, but enjoying it! Is drinking tea in bed a bad idea? That would be the perfect addition to my late night reading on this 1980s bestseller.

Watching | Revenge

Seriously, have you seen this show? We watched season 2 in a week. I still haven’t caught up on sleep but it was worth it. Emily Thorn, you sly little minx you.

Cooking | Butternut Squash Soup

This delicious recipe by WillCookForSmiles is AMAZING. Our CSA is all about the root vegetables at this point of the year – I can’t complain.

Hoarding | Brach’s Autumn Mix

They are hidden from my husband. And I’m not about to tell where I put them. (One can only put up with grocery store temptation for so long you know!)

Researching | Patchwork Quilts

This is this winter that it’s finally gonna happen. I have a feeling. Color scheme?