Beadboard Wallpaper on the Kitchen Backsplash


I have a love-hate relationship with wallpaper.

I hate removing it – like from my bedroom and my kitchen(PS – if you haven’t seen the insanity of the kitchen wallpaper I inherited with this house, check it out here!) Then I discovered beadboard wallpaper… which I loooooove. (Extra “o” letters necessary.)


I love the look of beadboard and We have it in several places in our house. Then, I discovered beadboard wallpaper and I was hooked. I started by trying it in my dining room and then I added a wall of it in my kitchen. And now I’m back because I added it as a backsplash in my kitchen!

To see a full tutorial on how to install beadboard wallpaper, click here.

We’ve been talking about adding a tile backsplash in our kitchen for ages, but it just hasn’t been a priority. Then I started toying with the idea of a beadboard backsplash. Since I still had part of an older roll in the basement, I started measuring and I had just barely enough (only three inches to spare!).


I know what you are thinking – why did you put wallpaper on something called a backSPLASH!? Don’t you think that’s a stupid idea?

Well, our kitchen sink, the source of 95% of our splashing, is right in front of a wide window. And in the last two years cooking in the kitchen, I’ve just found that I don’t splatter on the backsplash very often. Plus, since the beadboard wallpaper is painted with two coats of paint, I can just as easily wash something off as I did on the wall.

Plus, it is easy to reverse if we decide to tile someday. We could have installed real wooden backsplash as well, but that would have required a lot more work, and we would have needed to redo more of the trim.


The best part is – the upgrade was at no cost! I have purchased my Graham and Brown beadboard wallpaper rolls from Rhoda at Southern Hospitality’s shop where it runs $25 a roll.

Originally I purchased two rolls, so for $50 I was able to add beadboard in my dining room:

IMG_9923and my kitchen:



and now my backsplash as well!

I think that’s $50 well-spent!

To see a full tutorial on how to install beadboard wallpaper, click here.


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