Inspiration: Board and Batten in the Hallway

For some reason, the DIY projects I always want to do the most are the ones we put off the longest. Probably because the projects I am most interested in are the frivolous ones.


Right now our hallway is BORING. It’s long and narrow and lacks any traces of personality at the moment. While we (briefly) toyed with opening it up, it’s just not worth the trouble. Instead we widened the door to the living room by a foot (as evidenced by the lack of trim boards).

The hallway is too skinny for any type of console table. I’ve been imagining some nice architectural details in this space to make it a bit more interesting. There is no shortage of board and batten tutorials or inspiration photos online. The real question is… what type of board and batten? There are many ways to do it – different heights, widths, spacing.

Tall and Chunky:

via  Jenna Sue Design

Very Tall and Skinny:

via 6th Street Design School

Double Deckered:

via Storefront Life

Triple Deckered:

via Decor Chick

With Shelves:

via Casa de Lewis

Widely Set:

via Handmade Home

I’d like to continue going up our stairs like this too!

via Tiffany Ruda

After researching inspiration photos online, I think we’ve decided to go with the chunky, double-decker look.

Here’s a Photoshopped version of what I hope it will look like:


Then we will just need to get some color in there!!

That reminds me… that letter “C” on the wall is a DIY project I’ve been meaning to share.

Have any board and batten advice for me? I’m so excited!


7 thoughts on “Inspiration: Board and Batten in the Hallway

  1. I agree with the chunky double decker choice! I was going to choose the shelf one from the pictures because you decorate mantles so cutely, but that also means more shelving to dust, blah. Do you need an assistant for your project?? I volunteer as tribute 🙂

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