See Ya Later Autumn

I had better post on the gloriness of fall because it feels as though it’s gone already! (Yes, we have already had snow.)

Where has the fall gone? While we started it off right, it seems to completely have slipped away from me! (Five weekends worth of company and two weekends away will probably do that to ya.) Before my favorite season of the year leaves us entirely – which, given the low temperatures we’ve been hitting lately, it already feels long gone – I’ll share some of my favorite fall moments.

Our fall weekends were mostly dedicated to finishing our deck – which I’m happy to say is so close to being completed! I’m not sure if we will finish that last 10% before winter or not – it’s mighty cold out there!

At the very least, we were able to admire the glory of changing fall leaves from our very own backyard while we did it.

Our CSA closed for the year, and like last year, we had a great experience! We can’t wait for it to start again in the spring.

My attempts at Halloween decorations this year were feeble at best, but I have managed to bring a few things out for Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to do at least one fall craft in preparation for Thanksgiving this year. (Remember when I used to craft? Me too. I miss it.)

I won’t even share the pumpkin I carved this year. It was a pathetic attempt at 11:30pm the night before Halloween for the sake of the holiday. My costume, on the other hand, made all the Chipotle Burristas very excited.

I tried making pumpkin ice cream for the first time, and, while it wasn’t a home-run, it was tasty. Maybe I’ll try it again this week for Thanksgiving. 🙂 Which is what I am currently getting ready for!

Goodbye favorite season! Here’s to hibernating until May.

What was your favorite fall moment?