My DIY Powder Room

The powder room was our first gut-and-overhaul project. Coming in at only 12 square feet, it’s a small space. The original layout didn’t help at all – a pointless radiator took up too much floor space and crowded the rest of the bathroom to one corner. And that extended countertop you see? If you sat down the countertop was jutting into your back and your elbow was nudged up against the sink! Not to mention that beautiful access panel on the wall.

This room is so small it’s hard to get very good pictures, so the straight on view is the best you’re gonna get! You probably can’t tell from the photo, but that was the world’s tiniest sink! It’s not a standard depth (old house) and the faucet was in the corner. You could hardly get both hands in sink to wash them.

The entire room was completely gutted and we started from scratch.

The old floor was fake hardwood. We replaced it with a 2″ tile.


DIY Powder Room Project Posts

Projects to Come:

  • Replace window trim
  • Install and paint quarter round shoe molding
  • Install window treatment / shutter
  • Seal tile floor


4 thoughts on “My DIY Powder Room

  1. This looks great! Wonderful job. We just did our powder room this summer (not a total gut, but near to it!), and now we are working on our master bath (which is a total gut). Isn’t it an awesome feeling to see it when it’s all done and say “I did that!!!”? Again, lovely job. 🙂

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