A Christmas Roundup: Non-Traditional Nativity Sets

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Friends, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’ve decked-the-halls (which I’ll share next week), and our holiday decor consists mostly of greenery, pinecones and berries. Nary a Santa to be found (in this particular case, I’m very much not my mother’s daughter).

While my general rule for holiday decorations is “seasonal – not specific”, I found myself looking at Nativity Sets earlier this week. Nativity sets are seldom seen in stores, and (to be honest) most of them aren’t really my style. So I took to the internet and found many unique and fun options. While we won’t have one this year, I’m making it my goal to find/make one we love by next year!

For the Minimalist:

While this minimalist Nativity Set by  Sebastian Bergne certainly isn’t for everyone, I think it’s pretty cool and would feel right at home in a contemporary home. Plus then there are no creepy painted faces.

For the Color-Lover:

I wish I could find a better image of this Alexander Girard Nativity Set because I love it! The colors, funky ornate patterns and chunky wood blocks are right up my alley.

For the Typophile:

I gave a little chuckle when I came across this modern typographic Oliverfabel Nativity Set.  Again, not for everyone, but it’s modern and certainly not your mother’s hand-me-down.

For Kids:

I love this painted rock nativity set by Chipper Studios on Etsy. While there are many felted/stuffed sets that are kid friendly, I think this is a more unique. Plus, with no breakable pieces, it’s okay if the Wise Men are scattered across the living room floor.

For the Outdoorsman:

Another rock set from Unique Nativity Sets! These painted rocks might be a nice touch for those who love the great outdoors. This could even be a fun DIY project, and could be made large or small depending on what size rocks you choose.

For the Do-it-Yourself-er:

I am also loving this DIY Nativity Set by Life Made Lovely via Gracelaced. I’ve seen a lot of peg-people Nativity Sets in my searches, but I think this one with the baker’s twine spools is pretty sweet looking.

For the Pinhead in your Life:

I love this one! Another great Nativity Set from Pegged Etsy Shop. This pinhead Nativity Set is another fun, modern option.

For those Without Storage Space:

Don’t want to store a bunch of little pieces? This wood block nativity scene painting by Color your Dreams Etsy Shop is a lovely alternative to the traditional set.

Do you have a Nativity Set? What does yours look like?




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