Diagon Alley! Colorful Fire Pinecones

Pardon me while I get my bearings. I’m suffering from weather whiplash. It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog lately because I’ve just returned from a nice vacation in sunny California! And now I’m watching the snow fall heavily outside my window.

As I am enjoying staying inside in our warm house, I thought the perfect way to bounce back into blogging would be to share one of our favorite winter things: colorful fires! I love a good fire and goodness knows we have enough firewood to keep them going.

When the fire is roaring, I love to throw a few flame-glo pinecones in the mix. Colorful pinecones (like these) are a fun way to add a little zest to your evening fire.fire1

The crystals on the pinecones cause the flames to flicker in shades of deep blue, regal purple, and electric green. The colors last quite a while too! If you have ever had a driftwood fire, the effect is the same.


I can’t help but pretend it’s floo powder when I toss it onto the logs and call out some sort of Harry Potter-ism.

Diagon Alley!


Petrificus totalus!


Wingardium leviosa!

I think that’s as close to Hogwarts as I will ever get.


We have gotten these Meeco’s Red Devil flame cones as a gift from my sister-in-law and love them! Since we only use three or four cones per fire, we’re able to make one box last for the season. $15 for months of joy. :p

I am looking forward to also trying them at the lake this summer! (Although it’s probably best to roast your s’mores before these bringing out these bad boys!)

How are you staying warm this winter?

This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share the joy. Meeco’s flame cones has no idea who this crazy blogging Harry-Potter-chanting-muggle is. All opinions are my own.


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