Wintery Life Lately

I have just made a whole carafe of black cherry tea. For myself.

It has been a cold week and I can still hardly feel my toes!

(Frost on my windshield – how beautiful!)

I’ve settled back into life after a week in California visiting friends and family. That one snowless week definitely helped! We’ve gotten over 24″ of snow in the last two weeks!

This weekend was spent with my parents attempting other cold weather activities like jigsaw puzzles, board games, battling the lines at Trader Joe’s and, YES, finalizing our tile choices at The Tile Shop.

Friends and I have taken to mall-walking to get some exercise in. Too bad the malls have cupcakes. I think that definitely cancels out the exercise aspect. :p

There’s a lot to do, but nothing seems to get done (cougholympicscough), and that’s okay for now. I look forward to this time of year to stay at home and hunker down.

Hopefully next week I’ll be inspired to write some more posts 😛 I have lots of topics waiting to be covered!

How is winter treating you?


3 thoughts on “Wintery Life Lately

  1. I must say that I’m so envious after reading this post. I live in San Diego where it’s been a hot and dry winter. No rain and temperatures in the 80s. I want winter!

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