Seeking Steamer Trunk Restoration Tips

All right, I am posting this bad boy for some project accountability.


This fantastic steamer trunk belonged to my Granna. There is even a shipping label on the side in her handwriting when she sent her things to college! I love it and I can’t wait to refinish it.

The only thing is… I got it about six months ago and it’s been waiting in my basement for some attention ever since.


Like many steamer trunks, it’s looking a little worse for the wear.

Dirty, scuff marks, broken handles, chewed up edges, and scratches.


And the inside, oh heavens, the inside smells like moth balls are invading your brain. I can’t leave it open for more than a minute or you can smell it from across the room.


Because of the odor the inside will definitely need to be stripped as well.

But I am looking forward to starting this labor of love! I am posting these “before” shots so I will feel pressured to finally make a crack at beginning it.

The only question is how. I’ll begin scouring the internet for tips, and if any of you have experience in this area please share your wisdom!

Have you restored a steamer trunk? Any tips? Suggestions?



7 thoughts on “Seeking Steamer Trunk Restoration Tips

  1. I’m about to begin on the exact same project, I will post any links I find helpful! The inside of mine really needs some TLC. It has a similar lining to yours. I want to keep the vintage/antique look, just clean it up, and make it useable again ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. thank you! I would also like to keep my with the antique look, not the modern ones. (To each their own.) I just started a Pinterest board where I am trying to keep some of the websites I’ve been looking at to start learning. I hope it helps you too!

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