Things from the Internet I’ve Tried and Loved

The internet is a crazy place. To think that I am the last generation that will remember the world pre-internet kind of makes my head spin. The internet is also an amazing place – full of ideas, co-creation, and advice (both good and bad). I find a lot of great recipes, projects, and tutorials around the web – so I am going to start sharing them every few months.

Bow Clutch from Elm Street Life

I am (slowly) learning to sew! Most of the projects I finish are fly-by-the-seat-of-my-improvisational-pants projects. It usually results in me getting the project done – but I do it in such weird ways and I’m not actually learning anything. When my best friend (who is AMAZING on the sewing machine – she makes clothes that look like they came from the store kind-of-good) came to visit me I wanted her to show me how to do a zipper. I chose this tutorial by Elm Street Life and we walked threw it together, and it was very straightforward. Elm Street Life is a great blog that I enjoy reading for fun too!

Here’s a quick snap of mine:


Not perfect – but I am learning! And if sewing isn’t your thing Elm Street Life has a great Etsy shop where you can buy things instead.

BBQ Quinoa Chicken Salad by Iowa Girl Eats

This meal is fresh, healthy, delicious and filling. I’ve made it for company several times and they’ve always asked where I got the recipe. (And I gladly point them to Iowa Girl Eats – she has a great blog with a lot of drool-worthy, healthy recipes!) You can eat it hot or cold, so it’s perfect for leftovers. I like it cold the best, and I also started tossing mine with spinach for a hefty beautiful salad.

Cilantro Pesto from Real Simple

There may be nothing I love to eat more than fresh guacamole. The only problem is, the avocado to bunch-of-cilantro ratio always leaves me with a lot of leftover herbs that end of getting wasted. Thankfully this recipe for Cilantro Pesto from Real Simple helped me out and it was divine. We tossed some pasta in ours, but I’m sure it would be delicious in a number of ways.


Olive and Sugar Lip Scrub from VMac and Cheese

I get terrible chapped lips in the winter. I try everything from medicated Blistex, to Lanolin creams, to Mary Kay Satin Lips exfoliating paste. Nothing has ever worked for the long term, and I am tired of buying things that just end up sitting around! So when I came across this post from VMac and Cheese for a homemade lip scrub I knew I had to give it a shot. I’ve only tried it for a short while – but so far I love it! It only requires olive oil, honey, and sugar – and I think it would make a great leg exfoliate as well! Plus it’s nice to have something that doesn’t taste terrible and I can put together in my kitchen.

What have you tried and loved lately? I’m always looking for new attempts! 🙂