10 Reasons You Should Have a Library Card

10 Reasons You Should Have a Library Card

This week is National Library Week! It’s no secret I’m a total bookworm, but I am always amazed how many adults don’t belong to their local library!

In case you are one of the (apparently) many that’s doesn’t know the amazing-ness that is your local library, this post is for you.

Here are 10 reasons you should join your local library:

10. Are you more of a film buff than book nerd? Guess what, most libraries have a pretty large movie selection, including new releases and seasons of TV shows so you can binge-watch your heart out. Maybe you’ll even want to get ahead of the game and read the book before it comes out on the big screen. As they say, the book is always better than the movie.

9. Borrow Kindle books. Did you know you can borrow e-books from the library? They come in many forms for all types of e-readers, and even plain old PDFs if you want to read from a computer. Some libraries even have e-readers available to lend.

8. Free wi-fi. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house, or maybe your internet isn’t working. The library has free wireless, and many snug corners to tuck into unnoticed.

7. Borrow and renew books from the comfort of home. Thanks to modern technology you can reserve books online and they will put them aside for you at the front desk. If browsing isn’t your thing, you can spend less than 2 minutes in the library altogether and still benefit from it.

6. Buy discounted tickets and attend events at your local library. Many libraries have deals for their members where you can purchase tickets (for as much as 50% off!) to local museums, aquariums, and other attractions. My library also has free movie nights and guest speakers. A free date night or get together with friends.

5. Buy cheap used books. Most libraries have an ongoing used book rack, and use book sales to raise money throughout the year. I buy all my books at these sales and never pay more than $1.00 per book. Oftentimes, on the last day of the sale I can fill a whole box for $5.00. (I never said I had self-control at book sales.)

4. Free magazines. Not only can you sit and peruse current and archived magazines and newspapers, but my local library, and many others, have a free give-and-take magazine bin.

3. Great recommendations. Librarians have made it very easy to find books you might like to read. Missing Downton Abbey? Here’s a table of 20 books that you might be interested in. Librarians have gotten really good at connecting non-readers with book recommendations.

2. Don’t fear the late fee. Not only can you pay late fees online now, but my librarians don’t even ask me to pay fines until I’ve surpassed $10.00. No need to fumble for pocket change at the last minute.

1. The library is FREE! Books, movies, CDs, magazines and more at no cost to you!

There are many more reasons beyond these 10 as well. I haven’t even mentioned the children’s section (I’m not there often!), but I remember loving to go to the library when I was little. Today’s children’s sections even have awesome game centers and indoor playrooms. For adults, there are private study rooms to reserve and computer labs.

Have I convinced you yet? Go get your library card today!

This post is not sponsored by the American Library Association. But if they’d like to send me money, they can feel free. 🙂


8 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should Have a Library Card

  1. I have a library card and on rainy days i take my daycare kids to the libary! Great cheep way to read many types of books! Great post!

  2. Great list! I’ve had my own library card since I was 2 years old. I was amazed when I nannied this summer and the girls (aged 12 and 9) didn’t have their own library cards, it’s a shame because you know when they aren’t exposed to the wonders of a library at a young age then they won’t appreciate all the library has to offer when they’re older.

  3. You welcome! 🙂 makes rainy days an enjoyable experience! Day to look forward to. “Oh yay, look at those dark clouds coming in! Library day!” Instead of, “shit look whats coming!” haha

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