What to Make with 25 Pounds of Concord Grapes?


Two years ago I was in the Finger Lakes over Labor Day Weekend, and picked ten pounds of concord grapes. Soon after our love for grape ice cream was born.

Last year, we knew we wouldn’t be able to make it back there during grape season, and my parents were kind enough to pick some and bring them to us. Well, I think they got a little carried away. Because they brought me 25 pounds of concord grapes! My favorite way to eat them is fresh – although it’s messy and turns your lips and fingernails purple. But they only last so long – so when I couldn’t possible eat another – into the freezer they went.

I smile every time I look at them, because I remember another day spent in grapevines in the Finger Lakes.

Taking wedding photos with my bridesmaids. Some pretty, some silly.


Clearly I was in bridal la-la land. I can’t believe I let them near my white dress with those dark purple grapes!!!! (Although these were grapes for Riesling, not Concords.)

I still have about ten pounds of concord grapes in my freezer and am looking for ways to use them. I recently made these Concord Grape Crumb Bars, which make a fancy upgrade from a regular brownie sundae.

I’ve also got my eye on trying this concord grape sorbet from Martha Stewart:

via Martha Stewart

and of course I need to try making the classic grape jelly:

via Epicurious

The only problem is that most concord grape recipes I’ve found are desserts. Although I did bookmark this tasty looking grape focaccia from my Smitten Kitchen cookbook:

via Smitten Kitchen

I am looking for recommendations!

What would you make with ten pounds of concord grapes?


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