Do Designers Work or Do Designers Play?


Recently I met someone and, upon finding out I’m a graphic designer, they said to me “Oh how nice! You get to play all day!”


Of course I smiled and agreed, not bothering to mention that this is akin to claiming “hey, Dr. Doctor, you get to save lives all day” or “hey, Policeman, it must feel good to put away the bad guys every afternoon”. Most people forget about the paperwork and meetings nearly all jobs entail.

I am a graphic designer, by day and by night. I am fortunate that I truly enjoy my profession and my job. (And I’m not just saying that because I know my boss reads this blog!) I had parents who were supportive enough to encourage me to pursue getting degrees in things I loved – design and writing. And then I found a way to make a living doing it.


I love what I do. I followed my passions. But work is work, and I think everyone can understand that. Luckily for me, it happens to be the era of design. Many businesses and people recognize the need for good design, and the resources that should be put into it.

What she said stuck with me – where does work for artists-painters-writers-creatives cross over from work to play and play to work? I like to think/hope I’m always straddling that line.

Are you an artist? How do you differentiate between work and play?

Or are they one in the same?