Summer Seltzer Mocktails Recipes


I stopped drinking soda a few years ago. While I’ll occasionally have a glass of pop, it’s been a few years since I’ve kept it in the house. The same goes for juice. I buy it rarely, and when I do I usually water it down. Instead, I drink a lot of seltzer.

I like to save my sugar for ice cream and gummi bears yo!

I’ve become quite the Queen of Seltzer making up lots of flavor mash-ups as a healthier alternative to a sweet treat or fun beverage.

I like to buy Polar Seltzer. It’s made locally here in Massachusetts, and they have a ton of fun flavors like Mango Papaya, Cucumber Watermelon, and Mint Chocolate. Although, I usually stick to the simpler flavors, and then add my own (fresh) ingredients.


My seltzer mocktail making process:

1. Pick your flavors – I usually use mint and some type of berry.

2. Muddle the fruit and herbs. (I have this muddler.) You can use a fork… but it won’t work as well.

3. Optional – add a simple syrup if you are looking for extra sweetness.

4. Top with ice and seltzer! Stir and enjoy.

There is no end to the combination of flavors that you can mix up. These are some of my favorites:


Summer Seltzer Mocktails Recipes:

Lemon Blueberry = Lemon Seltzer + Muddles Blueberries

Faux Mint Mojitos = Plain Seltzer + Muddled Mint + Lemon + Mint Simple Syrup

Strawberries & Cream = Vanilla Seltzer + Muddled Strawberries

Watermelon Lime = Lime Seltzer + Muddled Watermelon (Grapefruit is another great alternative!)

While this shouldn’t replacement water in your diet, it’s better for you than a Coke, glass of wine, or even a glass of orange juice! Crushing up five strawberries in your seltzer will give you 98% of your daily vitamin C without all that extra sugar and stuff they add into O.J.

 What keeps you cool in the summer? Popsicles? Ice cream? A pool? (If so, lucky you!)

(This is not a sponsored post. I just love me some Polar seltzer!)