Summer Snapshots

Hello, hello, hello! I hope you all had a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend! I’ve been getting behind in my blogging about all the wonderful adventures and (tedious) projects we’ve been working on this summer.

This summer disappeared quickly.

It never feels like we’ve made progress on our renovations, but when I list all the things off it sounds like we have. We have nearly wrapped up our bathroom renovation (YES!), fixed the guestroom that was affected by the bathroom reno, finished the patio, finished the deck stairs, prepped for the patio sidewalks in the front of the house, resolved our massive garage roof issue, and added new landscaping and mulch.

But, we’ve always maintained that summer is the time for pleasure – because we all know it’s too short up here in New England! Our summer was chock-full of summery goodness. From blueberry picking to pie making to lemon ice cream making to learning to grill – there was no shortage of good food this summer. We are still enjoying our CSA membership and love getting fresh veggies and herbs every week!

I read a TON this summer (if you’re looking for book recommendations check out my GoodReads where I track everything I read). And, spent even more time making progress in my Netflix queue. This summer I learned how to sew from a pattern, making a beach bag and Joseph’s technicolor dream coat a robe. I’m learning how to grille. We went to a 1920s theme Lawn Party, explored the Berkshires, dutifully made buckets of “green juice” for breakfast every morning, hiked, biked, kayaked, shopped at SOWA, attended a Red Neck Vow Renewal, and, this weekend, I finally learned how to water-ski on one ski!

Apparently summer (and white pants) ends at Labor Day. Lucky for me I ignore the rules. With weekends in Nantucket and Stone Harbor ahead of me, I’m still in a summer state of mind. After that I will gladly march straight into Autumn.