DIY Bathroom Updates and How to Build Your Own Bathroom Mirrors

If we know how to do anything, it’s draw out a renovation.

Design Lively Bathroom Renovation

We started our bathroom reno about 6 months ago, and are almost crossing the finish line! The bathroom has been 80% done since early summer, and since then we’ve slowly added the last finishing pieces.

We had originally planned to build out custom recessed medicine cabinets, and had the plasterers leave empty boxes that we could build them into. The whole plan ended up being a big fat fail – the boxes were too low for my tall husband to see his own forehead in the mirror and the the boxes were so low that the doors would end up being blocked by our tall sink faucets. It was a lose-lose situation and decided the best way forward was to scratch the recessed cabinets. Unfortunately this meant needed to add blue board, spackle over the entire wall, and re-sand, re-prime, and re-paint.


Design Lively Bathroom Renovation

We finally got around to sealing all the marble in the tile, counter top, and floor. First we patched up a few small air holes in the grout, and then cleaned the floor and grout thoroughly once last time before sealing all the marble surfaces three times (fully drying in between). After the last coat of seal had dried, the marble looked like there were small water marks everywhere. But don’t worry – it’s normal! You just need to buff up the marble with a chamois and it will shine up. Marble stains easily so it’s important to take the time to seal it thoroughly.


bath6(I can’t tell you why my beach tote was in the bathtub at this moment…)



One of my favorite parts of the bathroom was our decision to tile the shower ceiling! I think it looks great and the tile will help further protect the shower ceiling from moisture damage.

Next came making decisions for a shower rod. The straight rod had nice clean lines which matched the pencil trim and looked sharp, but the bowed curtain won out in the end. They really do add so much space inside! This one in the picture was just a placeholder though. After we decided to go with a rounded curtain rod, we ordered one online that could be drilled directly into the marble and not have those big honky ovals on the end.


Next we installed the hardware on the bathroom vanity. I love the hardware we got from Lowe’s. It’s a pewter color with small rope detailing – I love ’em. (I’ll share a full source list when I do a final before/after post.) See this post to see how we installed hardware on the vanity.


But the BEST part was making our new mirrors!! By making the mirrors ourselves we could choose the perfect size for the least amount of cash. After measuring out the best size mirror and measuring out the two inch mirror trim, we set out to find a custom mirror cutter.

Most glass companies also cut mirrors, but Lowe’s ended up being the cheapest. Most employees at Lowe’s will tell you that they don’t cut mirrors – but they do! We finally found the old guy at Lowe’s that remembers that, yes, they actually do cut mirrors. Just apparently not very often.



Here is 2″ trim cut to size with a 1″ overhang for the mirror to tuck into.



Heavy Duty Interior & Exterior Liquid Nails for sticking the mirrors to the wall. Draw pencil lines on the wall with where you want to hang the mirror so you know where to stick it. Have a level ready to make sure everything is straight.

Since this was a raw-cut mirror, we needed gloves to protect our hands. Lowe’s wrapped it up in brown paper for a painless store-to-home transfer, but it’s still a good idea to wear gloves.


This is definitely a two-person job. As one person holds up the mirror (as Liquid Nails begins to work it’s magic), the other will need to start adding the pieces of trim and making sure they are level.

To make sure your nail gun doesn’t hit and possibly shatter your brand new mirror, use a ruler to make sure you are nailing outside of the mirror overhang.




Voila! One more time and we’ve got ourselves his and hers mirrors.

Next up is spackling the nail holes and caulking the edges (which I actually did this weekend!). We’ve made even more progress this last week, so hopefully I’ll have more to share soon! YEAHHH useable bathroom! #finishline #almostthere



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