Hello, It’s Me. (Yes! For Real!)

As the old addage goes, everything comes back if you wait long enough.

Full House, bellbottoms, Birkenstocks. And me!

I stopped blogging about 1.5 years ago. I was busy with work, life, and we had house projects galore. There was too much to do and not enough time, and blogging was the first thing to cut out.

Then I got pregnant and became a Mom to the coolest little girl on the planet.

But, especially over the last year I’ve really missed blogging. I didn’t realize how often I myself referenced my own posts about places we ate while out of town, paint colors, or random recipes or party details and was bummed that I hadn’t posted on certain things for my own personal use.

All that is to say I’ll be back here posting again! Probably not regularly (I do have a 7 month old), but I’d like to try to post every week.

They say blogging has gone the way of the dinosaurs, and maybe that’s true. But I’ve always enjoyed it and I think that’s all that matters.

I have a back-log of old posts that I never ended up publishing, that I will probably share soon. And I’ll post some updated house projects too. Honestly, keeping up with our pace of projects never worked well anyways so none of my posts will be in “real time”. I do have a number of things I’d like to share though, both in terms of DIY and travel, so stay tuned!


(And I’m feeling very commitment-phobic to pressing the PUBLISH button right now. But I’m just going to do it!!)

2 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me. (Yes! For Real!)

  1. Welcome back! Congratulations on your baby girl! I’m excited to read about what’s been going on in your life! I hope I don’t sound like a stalker but I enjoyed reading about your home projects and such. Occasionally I would check your blog to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. So I’m so glad you’re back! =) can’t wait to start reading again! =)

  2. Thank you! : ) As a follower of many blogs, not stalker-ish at all! Now I just need to keep up with it!

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