Life Lately

I have always, always been a camera girl. I went through many a disposable wind-up camera back in my day, and now with the iPhone camera always in my hand I’m always snapping photos throughout the day.

Every spring I love to go cheer on the runners at the Boston Marathon. I’m not exactly why the whole event makes me so motivated and slightly emotional, but it’s just such an awesome experience. Maybe it’s the thousands and thousands of strangers cheering on and encouraging the other thousands and thousands of strangers who are running and doing something really difficult. The whole thing brings tears to my eyes every year. A few days before the race we went over check out the start line in Hopkinton.

Easter was a low-key affair for us this year! Usually we are visiting or hosting family, but this year it was just the three of us. I made Raspberry Baked French Toast (recipe by Ina Gardner) for breakfast. At the last minute I ended up getting out some of my Granna’s eyelet doilies and her old patchwork plates to make things feel a bit more festive. These plates – *heart eyes*. I “picked out” these plates from my Granna’s collection of china when I was little and now they are mine. This is actually the first time I have used them and I don’t know what took me so long! I have tried to do a bit more research into them, from what I’ve found so far they are from the 1970s and made in Japan.

We celebrated Easter with our church family and then did an Egg Hunt in the yard, visited the playground, and had a great dinner outside on the deck while enjoying the beautiful weather. Spring is really here! (For dinner we had pork tenderloin, roasted brussel sprouts and this other amazing Ina Gardner recipe – Baked Farro and Butternut Squash).

Last week I had a few ladies over to make paper flower centerpieces for an event at our church. My friend organized the whole project and it was my first time making paper flowers out of crepe paper. It was super fun and something I’d love to try to do some more of! I was responsible for making the Icelandic Poppies and they came out great! I enjoyed having them in my house until I had to pass them on. Maybe I should make some for myself!

This spring I’ve been making my way through the Great British Bake-Off on Netflix, and it inspired me to finally attempt to bake bread. I’ve been meaning to try for ages and it was SO EASY. I used this popular New York Times recipe and I’ll definitely do it again soon.

Happy Spring!

What is your favorite thing about spring?