6 Years at Home

Six years ago we closed on our house! I can still close my eyes and see our house exactly as it was on that day.


Since we purchased a foreclosure, there were some issues that arose that delayed our closing for a few months and, at the time, it felt like ages! Then we drove from our closing right to the house and walked into the house and found that a huge chunk of the hallway ceiling had suddenly crumbled onto the floor from a leaking pipe. This house was a messy adventure from the very start.

But today I’m not going to talk about the mess or the chaos or projects. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about this house.

The way the morning light streams into the dining room.

Finally having a grassy backyard to play yard games, hammock laying, BBQing in. (In case you are new here, for the first four years we lived here our yard was just dirt and rocks.) I also love all our trees. Even though we’ve cut down around 50 trees, we still have many!

And I love it in the winter too!

We spent so many weekends rocking out to country music while we were finishing our deck. Now it’s a happy place to sit and eat meals with friends and family.

When I was pregnant and the upstairs of our house was, literally, piles of crumble, I had a hard time visualizing it ever becoming our nursery. Now I’ve logged more hours staring at this happy rainbow bunting now than I could count.

Picking a favorite renovation is tough. But I can confidently say I would spend every penny all over again to get rid of our old bathroom for this one again. Unlike a lot of other rooms in the house, I immediately knew exactly what I wanted this room to look like. It was fun to see my vision come to fruition!

It’s so easy to focus on all the little (and a few big) things we still have to finish. It’s important to reflecting on the parts that I love and that were worth the sweat / money / pain.

When we bought the house we estimated we’d be done in three years (oh sweet little naive children we were).

Here is to year seven and beyond!