House Tour

We purchased our 1940s New England colonial home in the spring of 2011. It was a beautiful home with great structure and charm. The only problem was it was showing it’s age in a major way. The home had been foreclosed on and empty for nearly two years before we finally moved in. Since then we’ve spent most of our time lovingly ( sometimes forcefully) bringing the beauty back out of this charmer.

Pretty much every room is a work in progress : ) I’ll try to keep this up to date.

Last Updated February 2013


Front Door


Powder Room


Dining Room

Living Room

Family Room


Upstairs Hallway

Master Bedroom


Office - progress


Guestroom 1

Guestroom 2

7 thoughts on “House Tour

  1. May I just say … Jeepers. Those pictures represent a TON of work, A healthy dose of creative insight, and I love everything,,,,,, everything you did. What a transformation. I LOVE your hall wall with your white frames and photos. In fact, I love it all. Great job. Great Creativity. Great perseverence. Now EnJoY!! = )

  2. Oh…. and now…. place it all in a book for Barnes and Noble/ Amazon, etc…. to be published. Befores, how to’s, and afters. !!!!!!!!! Delightful! And may I have an autographed copy when it is complete? = )

  3. Wow! I really love the decor in your home – such a great use of colour. I especially like the kitchen makeover and think that the central island is a cool feature. Congratulations on a job well done and thanks for the fab blog post. Very inspired. You’ve motivated me to get on and finish our DIY house projects now…

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