A Taste of Summer

I love the 4th of July.

I know it’s over and this is a little anti-climatic. But you’ll overlook that fact, won’t you?

The 4th of July is the real kick-off of summer. School and spring cleaning often drip into June. And June is already overrun with graduations and parties and bridal showers that summer celebration gets lost in the mix. But no longer.

It’s JULY friends. It is summertime.

Random note – We spent the weekend at my family lakehouse in the Finger Lakes. I must have had patriotic clothing on my mind for the holiday, because I packed red and white striped clothing for every day. Hah-hah!

These are my Mom’s blingy table decorations for the 4th. She’s got pizazz

OurĀ  neighbors have a large farm area. They have a vineyard (Pinot Grigio to be exact, or so I learned) and also have lots of fruits and vegetables growing. We happened to be there at the peak of cherry picking season and they invited us up to pick a H-U-G-E bag of delicious cherries.

I had the best of intentions. Why, with these amazing cherries, surely I should make a cherry pie or tart or jam or something, right? But I can’t help just eating them all plain. They are so fresh and sweet they are like candy!

Random – our neighbors plant rosebushes at the end of each grapevine. Do you know why? Apparently the mildew properties are the same. So, if you see mildew on the roses you know how to take care of the vine. I wonder who figured that out and how.

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”

– John Lubbock

And nothing can beat a summer night. I insist on campfires and s’mores everytime we are at the lake. It’s the best way to end any day spent in the sun.

And of course we watched the fireworks.

We watched from the very spot we got married (collective “aw”), although it was more due to last minute boat engine funkiness than planning. But it was beautiful. And all the boats on the water was an unexpected beautiful sight.

I think that is why I enjoy the 4th of July so much. It’s a quintessential summer weekend of celebrating with friends and family. Eating good food, enjoying the world we live in and some old fashion fun.


What did you do for the 4th of July? Do you like cherries as much as I do right now?

Window Shop Wednesday with The Katie Chronicles

It’s link up Wednesday again with The Katie Chronicles, and today we’re window shopping at Old Navy! Since the 4th of July is upon us, I’m picking out my favorite picks for this weekend’s patriotic celebrations!!

Hello Lady Liberty! I love this fun, modern graphic tee. Would be cute with plain old jeans, or a fun red skirt.

I can’t get enough of polka dots! The nautical/Americana red, white and blue colors are right up my alley! This bathing suit would be perfect for a day of tubing on the lake!Woven sandal flats. Yes please! I love shoes like this for running around town, going on a walk or picking blueberries (which I hope to be doing this weekend).

This simple striped tank is very cute. I would probably use this as a bathing suit cover up for the cute bathing suit above.

And, finally, a hoodie. Everybody needs a nice hoodie for watching 4th of July fireworks and roasting s’mores.

Hmmm, and the best part about Old Navy is things are always on sale!

Happy Window Shopping! : )


Celebrating the Dawnzer Lee Light


Ramona the Pest. What a hoot. I always remember her singing about the “dawner lee light” and her favorite doll named Chevrolet.

Today’s post is all about celebrating the dawnzer lee light, or the dawn’s early light, about which we sing in our nation’s anthem.

The fourth of July might be one of my favorite holidays. Toby Keith sings “She loves decorating for the 4th of July but says everyday is independence day” and I agree with that sentiment 100%.

We (finally) bought a flagpole to hang our flag outside. There’s something about those red stripes and white stars waving in the air that makes me happy.

This is a house on our street. I love the flag and the red door!

Hehe – for your graphic design nerds like me: Did you know that the red, white and blue stripes are strictly defined as Pantone 193 C, White (Pantone safe), and Pantone 281 C.

That is this

and this

What I really love are buntings.


They make me feel like I live in this movie:


That’s Pollyanna in case you didn’t know.

Happy Almost 4th-ing!

Vintage Patriotic

Slap me Silly Uncle Sam, I love the 4th of July.

(*Disclaimer: I say this about every holiday. I don’t know what it is about special occasions, but I love them.)

I came across this beautiful tablescape by Celebrating Moments by Marcie and wanted to share it with you!

Love the vintage suitcases as a table heightener!!

I love the button as the pinwheel center and raffia filler!

Paper straws always provide a fun, festive and vintage touch.

Just beautiful.

I love that she used tea-stained colors instead of the typical bright white, cherry red and navy blue.

Thanks for sharing Marcie!