An Inspired Dining Room (And Beadboard Wallpaper Returns!)

Right after we bought this house I came across this photo in a magazine. I don’t know what magazine it was out of and it, clearly, has been wrinkled and stored for a little while from this photograph I took of it.

I love it! I love the crisp white cabinets and warm, farmhouse wood that creates casual, cozy eating spaces like this.

Does the layout look familiar to you? It did to me!

(Our dining room when we bought the house)

After I stripped the metallic leafy wallpaper (which you saw here), took down the cabinet doors for refinishing (which I have yet to do… la la la) and painted the cabinet bases (Valspar Swiss Coffee). Break out the singing angels!

(*ahhh! Crisp color!)

This room needed a serious color infusion. We ended up choosing Behr’s Dried Palm (satin finish). It was the fastest/easiest paint decision we have made yet.


During the day I was describe it as Juicy Pear. At night I would describe it as Sage-y Lime. I love it. It’s perfect with blues, yellows and whites in the summer and will be great with cranberry and evergreen in the winter.

The next step was *drumroll* BEADBOARD WALLPAPER! Remember I posted about beadboard wallpaper here? Well, I ordered a roll and I L-O-V-E it.

I still need to add the corner rounds and (obviously) the hardware and cabinet doors, but we are one step closer.

(Sidenote: The chandelier in the dining room is ginormous. I can’t take a picture in this room without getting at least one or two swoopy arms in the way.)

I will follow up in another post all with a full disclosure review of the beadboard wallpaper. Overall, it was great and easy to use.

Decorating magazines or online sources like Pinterest are a great way to find inspirational rooms that will have similar architectural characteristics as your own home.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Faking Beadboard


I love the look of beadboard. I would love to have the look of beadboard in my home. I’d live in a beardboard house if I could.

However, I do not own any type of cutting equipment and I don’t believe in paying someone to put it up for me (not my style, duhhh).

So I was pretty tickled when I discovered beadboard wallpaper. Yes. Beadboard wallpaper. Wallpaper I can do. (Thanks for all the practice Mom!)

This is from Southern Hospitality (where I first discovered there was such a thing). Looks pretty real, no?


It even looks like there is a raised texture. I like this idea because it’s a quick and easy change. You don’t need to pull off the molding or baseboards.


And it’s paintable! If it doesn’t match with your existing trim color you could paint it to match, or paint it a funky color like this photo:


And it’s (my second favorite word) inexpensive! (Free being the favorite. Obviously.) At $30 for a 30′ roll that could make quite the impact on a room in an inexpensive way.

Southern Hospitality recommends using Graham & Brown beadboard wallpaper. Although the Martha Stewart brand is now offering some that can be found at Home Depot.

I am definitely checking this out. I’d love to do our backsplash and below some of our chair rails.

Has anyone seen this in person before? Anyone tried it out?