DIY Felt Autumn Wreath

I’m plugging my nose and cannonballing into the pool of fall decoration with full force! Our spring was spent packing and our summer was spent unpacking, therefore I haven’t had any fun decorations up since Easter.

Fall decorations are going to abound this fall to make up for it! I love New England in the fall. It’s perfect.

To begin my autumnal adoration, I started with a natural wreath from Joann Fabrics ($3 plus a 10% off coupon!) and six sheets of felt (at 35 cents a sheet).

I made two different kinds of rosettes in various colors and sizes.

You will need a strip of felt 1 inch wide. The longer the strip the bigger the flower. You will just want to hot glue it as you roll it up. Then “foof” the flower with your fingers.

For the second type of “bloom” I cut a circle out of felt and then cut a swirl into the circle. By tightening the swirl, starting from the middle, a rosebud-shape begins to form. As with the “pom”, you will also want to dab little bits of hot glue along the way.

Then you will need to arrange your flowers as desired. I placed mine to look like they are creeping down the top and up from the bottom. Then I cut a few leaves out and glued them on too.

You will want to use plenty of hot glue to make sure the flowers stick!

I love the colors and coziness of it. Now it’s hanging by our front door on our porch!

Total Project Cost: $5.00
Total Project Time: About an hour

How are you decorating for fall?

DIY Autumn Bloom Belt

I came across this awesome tutorial on I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar and wanted to pass it on!

Cheri (aka Momma) has a lot of creative tutorials for DIY projects – a few of which are now on my task list!

When I came across her Autumn Bloom Belt, I knew I wanted to give it a shot.

Here is hers:

And here is mine:

Instead of buying 1/8 of a yard for each felt color, I bought felt squares for 35 cents each. That plus the ribbon set me back about a total of $3.00 and took about 30 minutes.

(I could have made 2 belts out of the 4 felt squares and spool of grosgrain black ribbon I purchased. In fact, it was so easy I think I will make one for a friend!)

Cheri gives a great photo tutorial. Check it out here:

 Autumn Bloom Belt from I am Momma РHear Me Roar