Easter Decorating in a Pinch


Happy Easter Weekend! : )

I had high hopes of how I wanted to decorate our house for Easter weekend, but alas, none of it really happened. I was too distracted by hammering spoons, painting end tables, watching Royal Wedding specials and eating copious amounts of jellybeans.

I did manage to grab a few things from the grocery store, which can be a great alternative to decorative stores for last-ditch efforts at decorating. I spent about $10 and used things I already had. (That’s my favorite way of decorating!)

I wish I had thought of carrots! If you look at the picture above from Martha Stewart, I love the tiny little carrots on the dessert plates. Not practical, but super cute.

Dyed eggs just weren’t in the cards this year – so plastic it is! (That’s okay. Now I don’t have to eat hard boiled eggs for the next week.) Besides the eggs, I bought the colored straw and the jellybeans.

My favorite way to decorate last minute is to pick a few colors, and then gather anything I own that belongs in that color family. Bringing together objects of the same color (plates, bowls, ribbons, candles, candy, books, etc) will immediately look put together.

Another trick? I always save my holiday Martha Stewart magazines year-to-year. It’s a fun, holiday piece to put out and it gives me ideas of how I’d like to decorate that year. (Emphasis on “how I’d like to”, as none of it happened. I still had fun looking at it though! Isn’t that what counts?)

I’ve also found that baking treats never hurts in helping to put you in the celebrating mood. : )

I made my first Scandinavian Almond loaf last weekend. My husband’s Grandma gave me the pan and recipe for Christmas. My first one turned out pretty terrible. This one was delicious!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and get to spend it with family.    : )

PS. These placemats are reversible! How fun are they?

Easter Egg Garland

Just a bit of Sunday afternoon inspiration. : )

Spring is in the air and before we know it Easter will be upon us. I came across this cute Easter egg decor on Ohdeedoh and think it’s adorable. Now I know what to do with all my leftover paint chip samples!

Top 9: Spring in my Step

Ahh, the Vernal Equinox. Normally when I think about the first day of spring my mind conjures up pictures of trees swaying in the light breeze underneath a blue sky, green buds shooting up through fresh grass or bluebirds chirping outside an open window.

Today was nothing like that.

Today was the opposite of a cheery, colorful, springy day. It was a gray, snowy, sleety slushy kind of a day.

Having lived in the northeast for my entire life one would think I’d learned by now. The irony is our snow finally finished melting this weekend in the nice, warm weather. (Argh! The snow won’t stay away!)

To lift my spirits , today I’m going on an imaginary Etsy shopping spree for my favorite nine things that remind that that someday spring will come!

1. This Posy Necklace from Tamar I feel better already! I think this adorable, colorful posy necklace. Plus, it would look great with any color top!

2. This Handmade Yellow Bird Stationary from PinkBathub is so sweet with the stamped bird and cheerful yellow envelope paired with it! The card is a gift in itself.

3. This adorable crocheted bunny hat from MamaMegsYarnShop is so cute! If I could get away with wearing this as a grown woman, believe me, I would.

4. These candleholders from PeppersPlaceDesign would be so lovely set on a table for a springy Sunday bunch with short pastel candles.

5. These lovely pink blossom earring studs by Amaniworks would be fun bits of color to add to any outfit.

6. This April Showers ring by Eelizabeth. I confess. I’m biased. I already own this set of ring and necklace and it makes me happy every time I wear it! (This is a good story. I was shopping in an antique barn in Newport, RI where I found them. When I went to purchase them the cashier had already shut down her register and just gave them to me for free!)

7. This garland by WestCoastKnittery brings a grin to my face! I’ve never seen a pom I didn’t like!

8. These striped bags from Ikabags are right up my alley! I love big purses! I can’t get away from them.

9. This tulip wreath from Twoinspireyou is just lovely! Maybe when I own a fancy wreath like this I will finally feel like an adult. On second thought, probably not. Nonetheless, I’d like to own this one!