3 Little Ladies and a Sugar Jar

We have some new roommates in our home: Opi, Vi and Fie (Short for Opal, Violet and Fiona). Moose and I are fighting the urge to buy a dog, so we are temporarily appeasing ourselves with our three new, lovely Beta Fish friends. (Are we kidding ourselves?)

Did you know female Betas can exist peacefully together? I thought they all fought, but apparently it’s only the males. Typical.

My fellow Pet-Lovers, have no fear. We talked fairly extensively to the “Fish Guy” at PetCo before sticking these girls together. Talking extensively to people is a talent of Moose, so we got the whole fish lowdown.

But I didn’t stick these ladies in any plain, old, round fishbowl. It will be a quaint old sugar jar for them. I bought this oversized mason jar at a garage sale a few years back. Actually, I am pretty sure the lady just gave it to me for free. The cursive raised print is so charming I feel like I’m in Loren Bray’s shop. It also says “five pounds” on the back. It’s the little things like this that give regular objects character.

I actually used this jar for a terrarium for quite some time. Thinking outside of the box helps make common items much more interesting!

Do you have any pet babies?