A Boston Halloween

Happy Halloween friends!


Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Since my birthday is right before Halloween I grew up having costume birthday parties filled with pumpkin cakes and other seasonal treats. Now that my own baby is also a Halloween baby, I expect that tradition will only continue. We’ve added our own traditions – including pumpkin beer and cider tasting with friends, and making quadruple-size batches of butternut squash soup, and enjoying homemade pumpkin spice lattes.

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I hope you are safe and warm as Hurricane Sandy makes her way out. We experienced quite a bit of wind and rain, but fortunately lost only one tree and power for a few short periods of time.  Stay safe!

A Halloween Frankenstein Door - DesignLively

Frankenstein. Frankenstorm. Frankendoor.

I “pinned” this adorable Halloween door a few months ago – before we even had a green door!

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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

You’d never guess from my lack of posts on the topic, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Unfortunately life has been quite busy and I won’t have much time to celebrate this year.

You won’t be hearing from me this week as I’m in the Windy City for the week on business.

Happy Candy Hoarding!